Laying the Foundation

It's our responsibility as parents to help them build their foundation on the rock - Jesus' word and love. So when they grow and the rains come, they will be strong and courageous in the Lord. At SFX, we focus on teaching not only strong academics, but social and emotional health and strong relationships with the Lord.

We work hard and play hard at St. Francis Xavier – both are important for children’s development. Our curriculum is both comprehensive and challenging including areas of math, social studies, language arts, and science. Our small class sizes afford individual attention from teachers and specialists. We know that students learn and excel at different paces, and our teachers are prepared to meet your student where they’re at and lead them to academic success.

Our students at St. Francis Xavier experience:

  • A curriculum that meets and exceeds Minnesota State standards.
  • A Christ-centered, Catholic learning community focused on a commitment of Christian service, academic excellence, and spiritual growth.
  • A learning experience that integrates traditional classroom learning with hands-on, experiential learning.
  • Teachers who are deeply committed and connected to your student's unique potential.
  • A focus on personal responsibility through service and love of others.
  • A learning environment and teaching team that recognizes and celebrates your student's diverse strengths and talents.

Our team at St. Francis Xavier will come alongside you, the parents, to partner in your child’s academic and social development. We’re in this together, and we’re better together.

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What is different at St. Francis Xavier?

Our teachers work with children to develop their whole self. Just as academics are important, so are spiritual, emotional, and social development.

We follow the example of Christ. Faith is woven into our daily curriculum, and we get to pray at school. How cool is that?!

Your child will be seen, known, and loved at St. Francis Xavier. Their SFX class will soon feel like family, giving your child the comfort they need to succeed in learning.

The personal education your child deserves.

Developing young minds takes love and attention.

One of the ways we’re different than public schools is the time, attention, and love we can offer each child at St. Francis Xavier. Each of our grades have only two sections, and our teaching staff are able to collaborate on transitions from grade to grade, to ensure each student’s success.

“We have a DEDICATED staff, who go above and beyond to provide a happy, safe,  and successful learning environment. Students are not a ‘number” at St. Francis Xavier. They are unique individuals, and our staff can address almost any child by name, regardless of their grade.”
~Debbie Bearson, St. Francis Xavier Administrative Assistant

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